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The vagueness in the name is an example of the collective denial projection of parents who's time of truth has come....Indigo clarification is:

Life as we know it is a sexually sponsored destructive test of all dna in a context of pre- conscentedness. The involuntary preconcentual forced conception creates all Chilled-run as violated terrorized rape victims. The good knews is, creativity is resolving the lack of ethic inherited in the destiny of evolving consciousness mechanism.

Another context metaphor is the Auschwitz model. All beings created on earth are the Jews. When breeding is created, the breeding Jews now also play the role of Hitler, invoking babies into the death camp (LIFE) against a will that is preformative.

The third model metaphor is the "Thou shalt not kill!" preface for primal universal human ethic which stands in direct opposition to the fact that anyone old enough to breed knows that all babies eventually die. We breed anyway and so are the creators, and, by default, the killers as well.....until....Freedom will be caceled by Mortality Resolution International, The Knew World Orders.

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The sound of time is provided by the United States Government with an accuracy/stability of one second in 10,000,000 years.

Thanks to your open mind, I just came through your eyes at the speed of light and, now, WE are in your brain, both of us looking over your conclusions about "Reality". You believe that your life and your intentions "belong" to you. Your "country" is FOUNDED on this belief and will be FOUND DEAD using this belief.

Our intent belongs to the evolution of survival aptitude, socialized. All other belief systems are a mutiny of the evolution that constucted our perceptions, conclusions, and our response system.

Shall we stop killing all children yet?

Go to SuperHumanity.Org for delineations: We will stop killing all children!!!

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